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Ignition systems have come a long way. The new generation of electronic units prove to be very reliable and maintenance free. 123 Ignition, Aldon Amethyst and Accuspark are our current favoured systems.

123 Ignition distributors are a direct replacement for your existing unit. The latest evolution is the 123 Tune. Whilst the older types with the preset curves are extremely good, they can be time consuming to setup especially if your distributor is located in a difficult area to reach. Also if your engine has had some modifications the preset curves may not be 100% suitable.

For these reasons our favoured option is the 123 Tune distributor. Once installed and set to TDC it doesn’t have to be removed for us to alter the ignition curve. We simply connect to the distributor via a laptop and tune it on the dyno as we would with a modern engine management system. An ignition curve can be tuned to meet the exact requirements of your engine whether it is standard, fully race tuned or somewhere in between.

Another excellent feature of the 123 Tune is that we can tune two ignition curves for one distributor. Curve 2 can be tuned to have a few degrees less timing than curve 1. This is great if you use car abroad where the fuel quality may be not as good as it is in the UK. The curves are simply selected by a rocker switch that we install in your chosen location.    

Amethyst is a small, discreet unit which can be mounted in the engine compartment.  Wires go to the distributor, the coil and an optional immobiliser switch.  The unit includes a vacuum sensor, which can be connected directly to the existing pipe from the inlet manifold.  As with any modern engine, a microprocessor uses a look-up table to determine the correct ignition advance for any combination of RPM and load.  Dwell is calculated automatically, and the unit includes a "soft" rev limiter.

The unit is configured via a USB connection, using a freely downloadable PC application.  The first major improvement is that the advance characteristic can be set to exactly what the engine requires, without the constraints imposed by the two advance weights.  Secondly, the unit's behaviour is fully repeatable, since the friction and play inherent in the traditional advance mechanism are absent.  On the road, this means a sweeter, more responsive engine which will generally also prove more economical.

Accuspark simply replaces the original points and condensor in your distributor. Offering excellent reliability and improved starting it has no moving parts which wear like a set of points. It is a fit and forget system which is excellent value for money. The Accuspark red rotor arms are also trouble free unlike the black “rivet” type rotors that we see and replace so frequently.

As soon as a conventional set of points is fitted and your start your engine they start to wear out and you know they will fail at some time or other. Whether it’s on your way to your car clubs annual show or on the last lap of the race of your life they will fail! We’re not saying that an Accuspark won’t at sometime but we haven’t seen a failure yet!

Even some historic race series organisers have recognised that so called high performance and uprated points sets fail and now allow the use of modern electronic ignition systems. About time we say; hearing a race or rally car misfire or seeing it come to a stop because a £5.00 set of points breaks is just ridiculous.

Accuspark electronic ignitions are quite simply a modern, cost effective, reliable solution to an extremely common problem.

Aldon Amethyst