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In the workshop….
Tornado Talisman
Tony was soon to be competing in “ Le Jog “ - a Lands End to John O’Groats Rally.
Tony replaced the head gasket and popped in for us to give the carbs a once over as it was running a little lumpy. A balance and a mixture tweek soon had Tony set for the rally.
Lotus Excel
Guy came to see us with an over heating engine and coolant loss problem. We soon discovered there was a faulty hose clip which had decided to move and hence leak coolant!
We sorted that problem out and Guy now has his car back ready for the festive break.
Caterham & MG ZR racer
This Caterham came in for a quick health check as it is a new acquisition for the owner.
Gary Smith’s MG ZR race car was in for some re-wiring and a session on the rollers to run the engine in.
Jaguar E Type
Mark popped his E-Type in to us with a clutch problem. A new slave cylinder and hose was fitted followed by run on the rollers prior to his first runs out in the car this year.
Honda NSX
Long standing customer and good friend Bob Kendall brought his NSX to us. Bob had a big shopping list ! Clutch, cambelt, water pump, drive shaft gaitors, silicone coolant hoses, brake hoses and pads and a new exhaust !
Morgan - Ford Zetec 1.8
This Ford powered Morgan came to us fitted with twin Weber carbs. At times it was proving a little unreliable as a road car so we came up with the idea of a Jenvey throttle body kit. After we fitted additional fuel lines, high pressure pump, swirl pot and MBE ecu it is now a very useable, reliable and responsive 4 seater sports car.
Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT
This lovely little Italian classic had been sitting for a while and wanted a once over. A very clean and original example, it just required a little balance on the carbs and a brake check. We also replaced the clutch master cylinder as requested.
Triumph Spitfire 1500
Peter Harding and his Spitfire are regular prize winners at various shows up and down the country.  Pete has a great eye for detail and came in for a complete front end overhaul. New shocks, springs and some powder coating of original parts turned the little Spit into a real show stopper.
Fiat engined Morgan
John Timms’ rare Fiat engined Morgan proved unreliable and at some stage the fuel injection system was replaced with a carburettor. Running problems were still present, the wiring was in poor order and undoubtedly going to cause more problems in the future. John came to see us on recommendation from Morgan racer Barry Sumner.
John wanted to be able to enjoy his car without the hassle of poor starting, concerns about reliability and the disappointment of poor engine performance and throttle response. We came up with the idea of replacing the Fiat engine management system but reinstating the Fiat fuel injection which he still had. John came back to us a few days later with the box of redundant parts that had been removed and replaced with a carburettor. The original injection manifold complete with injectors, fuel rail and throttle body were still in good order. John also had the air filter used on the original Fiat engine. The only thing that wasn’t present was the Fiat air flow meter. With a modern management system we wouldn’t need that anyhow.
With a plan in place we removed the carburettor, inlet manifold, throttle and choke cables. Next to go was the Fiat engine management, coil, distributor and ignition leads and complete engine wiring loom. We decided on using an Emerald K6 ECU which was delivered with a bare engine loom, throttle potentiometer, engine coolant and intake air temperature sensors. We fitted the K6 ECU along with three relays and a fuse box. The relays would run the injectors, ignition coil, fuel pump and coolant fan - all switched and controlled by the ECU. We then installed these in place of the original Fiat ECU located under the passenger side dash using the original Fiat management system fixing holes. This made for a very neat job without the need to drill any additional holes into the Morgan. We manufactured a blank from aluminium to seal up the now redundant distributor hole in the cylinder head and secured it using the original distributor holding fork. We fitted the Fiat crank pulley with a 36-1 trigger wheel along with a new crank shaft sensor to the engine block. The low pressure carburettor fuel pump was replaced with a Facet high pressure unit to supply the injectors. Outputs from the K6 were fed to the original Morgan rev counter and engine cooling fan via its new relay. A new wasted spark ignition coil was installed in place of the original, an off the shelf Vauxhall unit which is widely available at any motor factors. After mapping the ECU on our rolling road John now has a very reliable, responsive and rare classic. His feedback to us was “ Very impressed ! - It feels like a different car ! “